Hydraulic filters are used anywhere in a hydraulic system particle contamination is to be removed. The return line filter traps particles as they enter the reservoir, providing clean fluid for reintroduction into the system. We are offering Pressure Line Filter that is designed to bear pressure up to the range of 210 bar or even more. We have a excellent range of Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil Filter that include Pressure Line Filter, Return Line Filter, Hydraulic Filter, Compressor Oil Filter and Strainer Filter.


- High filtration Area - Low pressure drop - High contamination retention capacity


Following are the medias used for hydraulic and lube oil filtration
1.Glass Fibre Filtering Media

Used for mineral oils, hydraulic oils and lubrication oils

Absolute Filtration
Higher dirt hold capability

2. Paper Filtering Media
- Made up of paper and cellulose
- High material stability and strength

3. Stainless steel wire mesh filter media
- Provides nominal filtration area
- Provides high resistance with Longer Filter Life and also Cleanable partially


- Pressure Line Filters
- Return Line Filters
- Strainer Filters
- Hydraulic Filters
- Compressor Oil Filters


- Engine Oil
- Transmission Oil
- Lubricating Oil
- Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Lube Oil Filter